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Comprehensive Eye Exams

Our eyes are the only place that we can see visuals of the blood vessels painlessly without probes and anesthesia. Thus various heart conditions can affect the eyes and can be detected with a routine eye exam – which can save a life! Countless other systemic conditions such as diabetes, AIDs, thyroid disorders, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and many other conditions can also affect the eyes and can lead to serious loss of vision in addition to significant damage to the body if undetected.

eye care Glendale Los Angeles Our comprehensive eye exams in Montrose, CA and Glendale, Los Angeles provide a thorough evaluation of ocular function and health in addition to the refractive prescription. To assess the complete eye we do recommend a routine dilation, though this is not mandatory. We also evaluate how the eyes work together as a pair, the eye muscles, focusing ability, eyelid function, dry eyes, ocular allergies, cataracts, and countless other issues affecting the eyes. Appropriate treatment will be prescribed and if needed referrals will be made to corresponding specialists.


  • Adults 18-60 years old, regardless of risk level, should be examined every 2 years
  • Individuals over 60 years old should be examined annually

Patients at risk should be examined every 2 years or more frequently as recommended by your doctor. At risk patients include those:

  • with diabetes, hypertension, or a family history of ocular disease
  • working in occupations that are highly demanding visually or eye hazardous
  • taking prescription or nonprescription drugs with ocular side effects
  • wearing contact lenses
  • who have had eye surgery
  • with other health concerns or conditions.


  • If you wear contact lenses, bring wear them in to your eye exam
  • Bring your contact lens prescription or your current boxes with you
  • Bring your prescription eye glasses
  • Check your insurance eligibility prior to your visit to Westwood Eye Center Optometric Corp. or Montrose Eye Center Optometric